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  1. loyalty shop, we have titles but also have one with items that has few customs few other items
  2. except wildy chests ones like a boss key chest crystal chest etc.
  3. hey guys! i have a few suggestions. 1. Raids so on the raids do something like a 3 or 5 tier system accessible though the trapdoor below cerb. Tier 1 Normal cerb boss Kc req for tier 2 100kc/ or cerb pet obtained. Tier 2 Gold cerb 500kc or cerbatron pet (random idea for another pet) cerbatron either has better att or def stats or dr boost like 5% Tier 3 Platicerb 1000kc or 5 rare dr items needed drops few donator items (maybe) op items tier 4 Ultracerb pet/rare items needed (instead of just kc all the time) more op items plus supplies tier 5 owner to make an item a deception item with max stats best item in game, maybe armour, wep, pet etc. 2 slash bash needs either def nerf or hp nerf, abit hard to kill in dung 3 chest zone so all the chests are together and easy to locate 4 hourly lottery or something that gives players a chance to make some money if i have more i'll post them
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