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  1. can we have stackable d bones frost bones if possible
  2. hunterj


    first stop for new members should be devil torva in custom tele here you can get devil torva armour and whip and if your'e lucky you may hit the 50m cash drop when using whip make sure you use the lash attack for faster attacks. after you have full set of torva you can rather keep going through the zones advancing in power and rewards you can also head straight over to chickens for cash or got to crystal key zone for dragon kite shield and crystal keys which can be used at the chest in Varrock home tele. after progressing through the zones you really want to be going to rather pikachu for a sword of armadyl alternatively you can hit luigis up for a chance at blade of death once equipped with death torva and one of the swords mentioned it time to go bossing i would highly recommend hitting up skotizo as it has a fair drop rate and if you have soulsplit you have a minimal chance of dying and can get some very good str boost armour . after you have full tyranical armour its time to get the real grind on 😛 head over to ::diablo to get some OP armour and weapons drop rate is low but rewards are extremely high you can also head to confusion beasts for a very low chance of double sided sabre which is BIS for damage and speed (melee)
  3. can we make drop rate checkable? add more obtainable shields outside of donor store, make koompa loompas (goldzone npc) drop bis range weapon or a good one add prayer bonus to some items so it lasts abit longer - i.e diablo armour or certain weapons add an extra boss like kbd if possible and add legendary m box drop to high lvl npcs like diablo or cerb with a dr of 1/50 2
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